Square Zero


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O'Great power, what do I do? I get so overwhelmed, I don't know what to do There are thoughts that set my mind ablaze All the things I could achieve But none too simple to undertake I long to fly far away and purely meditate Grasping the truth; as simple as it is I long to indulge in the purest tones of debauchery Seeking and devouring, till the carnality cloys But O' Great power, how can I spare time?

O' Great power, I get caught up I'm lost in the whims, How can I fly when The trappings of life have me grounded And the constructs get me trapped I'm a fool, for I fall for them everytime I feel like it's all coming together Just before my vision falls apart And my little mind loses sanity O' Great power, do I always turn to you and pray?

O' Great power, life has left me jaded How do I disregard the noise The banality of it all gets me nauseated How do I thwart the reality that encompasses Maybe I just need to concentrate enough And wait for the eventual epiphany That O' Great power, I do know how To get through the tough times

I get in the zone, I can see the blank Reality has faded and made way for the ineffable I feel weightless, like the light itself Time dilutes and my vision sharpens, My senses ditch the universe and probe inside me I feel nothing but my thoughts When I witness my unbridled power My state of mind and its course clear as water O' Great power, what have you done?

Have you infiltrated my soul? Or were you always present?

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