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What Do I Want?

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In the far far future, I want to make a difference. I don't wanna be a cog in the gears, but be a change maker, at the edge of innovation. And I see my predilection towards Artificial Intelligence. Of course, it's a broad field and I do not have a specific branch I want to get to, but in the best case I want to be contributing to technological singularity. A lot of presumptions need to be made in order to see that as a possibility, and more to place myself at the helm of that. But I want to try, and get in the scene to have a better understanding.

There is another side of me that wants to earn well. I have chosen Front End Engineering, and it has been going well so far. I'm sure that as time goes by, I will make a good name for myself. So, what I wanna do is, work better and gain reputation and raises in the web development scene. I do enjoy the work, and being an aesthete I'm enthused about creating little utilities / good looking web applications. The visual artist in me is never gonna die, and working Front End inculcates and reinforces discipline and incisiveness; so there's no major roadblocks I see down that path. And now, for the elephant in the room.

#The Elephant in the room To conquer my dreams and make them a reality, I need to overhaul my lifestyle. Of course, you are your habits; so I need to tweak mine. But why should I think about what's bringing me down, and process it, instead of blindly tackling the future? The connotation of the question makes it self-explanatory. It's impossible to not address the foibles that plague progress and make it out of the low. The issues have to be acknowledged so that they no longer lurk in the sub conscience mind, and you can consciously confront them everyday. It also clears up your mind. So, let's address them now.

#Meet Lethargy and Friends I have theorised that my physical lethargy has seeped into my mental state (the inner biology of the body manifests in the mental realm); I have always been introverted, diffident, and morose when I'm around people, and have always disliked change because it takes effort to adjust. In my everyday routine the same happens, and I'm more than happy to relinquish control and subject myself to passive consumption (youtube, gaming) where I don't have to expend energy (physical and mental). Of course, this indulgence has costed me time, money and atrophy of mental power. Rebuilding good habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle would definitely put me on the road to recovery. Lethargy also results in indiscipline when there's a deadline and you risk it, thinking it doesn't matter. You wake up late, show up late to work, procrastinate stuff and repeat the cycle. The worst loss isn't time, since you can always make up for it in the future. It's the attrition of mental power. In that sense, lethargy is pernicious; not only killing good habits, but also making sure it's hard to fight back. With all this being said, let's plan for the future.

#Now, for the plan It's necessary to sketch out a routine and stick to it. The thinking hat must not appear when the worker hat is on, since the thinking hat is susceptible to virus like lethargy and indulgence. The worker hat must blindly follow what the thinker hat said yesterday. This separation of concerns is necessary to make an impact. The thinker hat must not make decisions during times of primal urges. It must allot nominal periods for indulgences / primal needs.

#Ergo? I'm gonna utilise these couple days of personal time to make plans for the future. Routine, personality, personal development, career plan, Artificial Intelligence seem to be the contenders vying for a spot in the blog.

Let the games begin!

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