Square Zero

Twenty Five

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Aspirations remain, The bitter sweet past still keeps haunting, Seems like I've begun living only in the past these days Familiar smell and sounds always transport me back a couple years. Was it really me? I was so lost back then; if only I had known better. But the idea remains, I want to do something, I want to disrupt stuff. I still have the verve, maybe more than ever. I just lack the discipline to follow it through. Maybe all in good time. As Yuv said, you get closer every attempt, even if you fail. That is so profound; the key is to never stop and come at it stronger each turn. Kinda like that monster from Betrayal at house on the haunted hill. Maybe I won't cower the next time I'm faced with a challenge, and actually take it in the face instead of turning my back. I can see clearly in hindsight how easy all the things I learnt are, and how they appeared like mammoths when I step foot in. Just need to maintain the 20/20 experience. Distraction is another key; monkey see, monkey no do. Aghhhh how perspectives change in a matter of years. This is my chance to push forward and not look back. Feels great thinking about it. Let's disrupt. I like that word.

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