Square Zero

The Upward Spiral

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Journey across realms

He unleashes wrath and torment Destruction ensues his trail He despises the witch who creates.

Benevolent and brave Her stride invokes awe As she fosters universes Her kindness knows no bounds.

He looks into the void of fringe Waiting is a fool’s game Purpose is lost forever His time never comes.

She longs to make a new enclave Her fingertips wave and spew the essence As she blesses another With chance and love.

Aimless and forlorn He finds the goddess concocting yet another world Turns to her with fire in the eyes and soul.

She melts his fury, and burns the void She consoles and he confides in her the future. Instance of eons in clarity All that’s needed is infinity.

Together they set out Spreading life as we know Minds collide and mingle As they fly and sparkle Hoping for something divine.

Worlds everywhere set ablaze Teeming with hope and power Knowing they will get their time to prosper.

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