Square Zero

Stellar detective

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Distortion Tapes

I scan another planet and scour another star. my prescience told me something once precious was once lost in the wilderness of the civilization the only place to look now is beyond the boundaries I'm the best in finding peculiarities and patterns yet I pitter patter in vain around another saturn flashes of the future show amusement that morphs into the biggest disappointment What can it be, how could I forget? the wise man on the star told me I hadn't looked everywhere I had an epiphany and I saw the future. it was an entire epoch of menace and torture. and then the deja vu hit me for it had happened again in a thousand years I listened to the song that I saved for this moment and it took me away, way into the future life is good and the stars are fine I'm a stellar detective, so good at finding the lost I scan another planet and scour another star.

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