Square Zero

Starting the year

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Fresh start

Embarrassments and slip-ups aside, 2020 was a great year for revelations and growing up. Like I said before, it's about pushing the resting state forward, even if we don't get across the line. Let's push further this year. 2021 does sound rad.


This is not just about the actual work. I should focus and put lots of time into design, ui/ux. Need to be robust. On the front-end side, it's all about seeing the big picture, and now putting more time into understanding the architecture, the tools, the bootstrap; basically the scaffolding that's holding everything together. It's time to bend and expand the borders further.


Gotta lose the flab. Gotta lose it all and start over. I made trials, so I know now what needs to be done. Then, once it's all gone I need to start building the core. There's no point eating and drinking sugar, I know it. Let's turn it around.

Self Improvement

There's a mission to be accomplished right. By summer, I've gotta be ready for what's coming. I gotta pick English back up, and Spanish too while I'm at it. I can do it, I know and I've done it before. I've gotta keep my mind pumping fresh, so I gotta stay fit mentally, and in real. I got this.

The autopilot dies

It seems laughably obvious now what's really bringing me down, but we took an awfully long time to get here. But that doesn't matter. Now we rise. Now we gotta stay on top of things. Now we gotta crave for excellence, put in lots of time pushing for perfection. It's time to beat my par. And once you are hit with the confidence othing can stop you. You are gonna fly. The autopilot stops now.

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