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What is this?

Looks like I'm doing this.

Our mind is a constant source of new ideas and thoughts, which often end up garbled after we move on with time, and new ideas and thoughts supersede these pieces of brilliance we once had. Bookkeeping is essential to record one's state of mind, and for retrospection. I remember the times when my mind was bustling with fantastic theories, that I couldn't keep track of them after a while. Most of them have become obscure with time; I have forgotten all the specifics and the minute details. That is when I started blogging, to try and keep track of them as well as to share these with people who might be fascinated by the same things as I am, which has also introduced me to some amazing people.


Talking of the interest in sharing things, I have developed a new interest in developing a strong voice over a lot of topics, and sharing them. Voice is absolutely necessary for any person over anything. That's how people develop perspective, and that's how they build character. However, just developing a voice could be detrimental, if it's not shared and debated and questioned. Sharing this voice out in the open with confidantes, or friends, or the public leads to debate and discussions and arguments, often fruitful.

Under the rug

Moreover, I badly need to take time off consuming content and put it to good use analyzing and creating. The past few months have been a true eye opener for me, and I was exposed to an array of critical topics like politics, human psychology, the big picture, superstitions, and decisive observations on a lot of things that happen behind the scenes. This will be a place where I can analyze what I've consumed, and develop a perspective. The interest has also extended to influence others.

This is good, right?

If everything else is a delusion, this is atleast a good way to spend time. This will also aid me in refining my vocab and communication style. I've always wanted to learn and master critical writing, and writing in general. And lastly, this will also make me tinker more with github and Jekyll and NodeJs and a plethora of the other options out there on the web.

Box of chocolates

This is going to be awesome! I'm gonna write fiction, non-fiction, some songs maybe, and what not. Just that I'll take more time developing and refining the articles, to make it a notch better than TLOj. Here's to a bright future filled with hope and better conscience!

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