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Spy Game - Dawn

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A seed is sown

But the front looks kinda bland. Where's that striking edge dude? Get those curves sharper.' 'It's not bland....umm....yeah kinda. The back is sexy though.' 'Totally.' 'And why do you draw over curves so many times? It's there, alright! It looks messy when there's too many of them.' 'Agree on that.' 'Yeah..... I tend to do that when I'm thinking and don't know how to proceed' 'You gotta stop that. You got grilled nicely by Shyam sir when he saw your diary.' 'Hoohoohoo yeah that was crazy. He was actually shocked to see so many lines drawn over and over.' 'And the cars! His expression was priceless when he saw your car doodles all over the books.' 'Stop it guys! He loved it.' 'Yeah, right! Me loves it, he said' "Hahahah" The three boys were inconspicuously 'hanging out' at the last bench, their usual spot. The desk was riddled with doodles of cars, logos, names and future plans. That was their home, their place of worship, their place of motivation, demotivation, sleep, distraction and concentration all at the same time; the floor covered with broken bits of square shaped flour sweets, tamarind Hajmola, candy wrappers and lollipop sticks; it was the place where they dreamt of the bright future where they were the medal winners for excellence in academics and vision for the future. Their talks ranged from roast of teachers, current crushes, local cinema, cricket and celebrities to underrated indie films, tech visionaries, science in movies, ideas for a successful military coup and state of the mind to dreams, LED covered color-changing transparent cars, theories about the universe and plans for technological singularity. But mostly how to make car doodles better and sharper. S was the executioner, being the guy drawing the doodles. X was the visionary, being the pessimist brat dismissing every single sketch that came out of S's mind. M was the accountant, keeping track of the time they wasted every single class. And sometimes making sensible and sharp comments on the doodles. Everything was perfectly fine the way it was till one fine day, an incident planted something deep in their minds that it changed their lives, taking S and M on a twisted path with X leading them on a parallel road to oblivion. That one day.

M and X were busy critiquing S's newest piece of art, on a cold afternoon in Mr. Murthy's class. Murthy was dozing as usual, on his chair. Some students were talking trash, some were talking about girls in the next classroom, these guys were creating their masterpieces, but most of them were actually studying. 'Mocking aside, how does it look, be honest.' 'Ummm..meh. They're all starting to look the same now' M said. 'All trying to blend in with the system.' X was lost in thought. 'Yo whatchu lookin' at?' M and S looked at X. X pointed to everyone in the class, one by one 'Look at these guys, they don't know what they're doing, or why they're doing it. Just trying to blend in.' 'Maybe they really love this subject' S replied. 'Huh, that's funny. Ask them and they'll tell you otherwise.' 'They're scared that if their grades drop, they'll be part of the army' M said. 'Then why is our state called a democracy? What's the point?' X was angry. 'The point is, we gotta become something in lives to change this' S tried to reason. 'But by the time you become something, you're old, and you lose interest.' 'And the older people don't bother because of all the perks.' M said. 'Oh, the perks! The free house! The car, the funds, the booze. What a strategy. We've gotta give it to our ruler. He's a genius.' S was smiling. 'And they force their little ones to do the same. The younger ones are kept on a leash, and the older ones become part of the cult.' M was seeing the pattern clearer than ever. 'But we can't say it's wrong, right? Whatever he's doing, our country is getting better every day. Now we're one of the most developed nations of the world!' S argued. X quickly retorted 'But what's the point? What's the point of doing this? Of being zombies? Of studying? Of living like this? What do we get out of it? We're not free! There's no room for creativity. For artistic expression, for reason, for debate, for criticism. Why even exist?' 'Yeah, we're too constrained' M agreed. 'Exactly!' Murthy woke up hearing X's loud voice, and he was furious. This was not the first time this happened. Students were simply not supposed to talk during classes! How could they disobey the teachers? 'You sons o...Get out of here!' Murthy got out of his chair and charged towards the last bench. 'Sir, we weren't talking.' 'It wasn't us.' 'Get up!' As they got up, Murthy whacked their backs once before pushing them out of the class. 'I said get out of the class. You guys are useless. Worthless pieces of crap.' 'Sir' 'But...' Before they could muster courage to speak up, he slammed the door shut on their faces. With the fear still receding, the three guys leaned against the wall outside the class and sat on the floor.

'That fucking Murthy!' X was livid. 'Why do we always get thrown out of the class?' M was depressed. 'That fucking Murthy.' 'Yo chill. This was for the better. It's break time for GSL in 10 minutes. My baiibee! will come out !' S was happy. GSL was the adjoining class, called Girls Super League, who studied medicine. The guys from the rest of the classes would die for any chance to get a glance at them. 'I knew we were lucky!' S was blushing. 'To get thrown out? Screw you. That fucking Murthy!' X retorted. 'Hey girls, the sexxxxy guy is here. Get a good look before he goes back in' M was already adjusting his hair. 'Thaaat fuckking Moorthy! Why aren't we allowed to discuss while we're studying? Who the heck doesn't get doubts while learning something?' X was analyzing what had just transpired. 'But we weren't studying right?' 'We were discussing the things that matter!' 'How the hell would he know what we were doing? The issue is, he didn't ask us what we were doing! Right away slammed us!' S stepped in to X's support. 'This is exactly why we need to take on this system! We're pushed into this shithole and we're expected to study for 12 hours without any break? What are we? Robots? And teachers like this guy, they deserve very bad things. Don't push us past the tipping point! You've just done that! You fuckers! You are gonna pay the price! All of you! Fuck the system! Fuck it! Let's do our plan. Let's freaking come at them till they can't take it anymore! We need to bring a revolution. A change. That'll permanently change this thing.We don't want order! Order kills creativity. Order fucks with our mind. Brings fear into our minds. We don't live anymore. We just pretend to blend in the herd. I can't do this anymore. Fffffuck this! Let's go with our plan.' 'Yeah! We can't do this anymore! Right, M?' 'Hell yeah! Let's do this.' As the bell rang, girls came out from GSL one by one, giggling and laughing, looking at the trio sitting outside the class, yet again. M waved at everyone and they waved back. S was just smiling, and as soon as his lady came out, turned his head down in a flash. 'What the fuck are you afraid of? Look at her, goddamnit!' X was happily angry. 'Hey S, our S likes you!' She looked back, gave a shy smile and walked away giggling. 'Ooh, yeah baby! She likes you.' M was happy. 'Me loves you. Me loves you long time!' 'Shut up, dude!' S was blushing. They got up and as they walked over to the food stalls with the crowd, X whispered "Our lives have changed, my friends."

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