Square Zero


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Something's wrong in the dorm.

What gets 'em high?

"We're trying to shoot them down?" Su asked. "That does nothing" the General scoffed. He continued, "We need to blow 'em up. That's our only shot." "And how do we do that" Su was thinking out loud. "Bait and switch. We fill up the bunkers with their "fix"." "Coke? The F2 variant?" Su knew the plan. "What else? Anyway, they go in, we close the doors, we blow 'em up. Easy. Watch." Hordes of the infected charge into the bunker, grinning and howling. Not long before the entire bunker blows up. "Alright, I've gotta do the same at camp Zero. Remember the training." the General got on his chopper and it took off. The pilot smirked at Su in a weird way before he got on the chopper. "WAIT! THE PILOT'S INFECTED! HE'S GONNA KILL THE GENERAL!" Su shouted at the top of his voice, picked up an Rpg and shot the chopper down. The General magically appeared beside him, and said "You stupid son of a" "Nap time's over. Wake up buddy" Bar said. Su had been dreaming again. Dreaming of his training. Yet another dream horribly gone wrong ever since he aced the training. "Hey. Wake up. We're almost there." Chan was waking up Nith.

The mission

Su, Bar, Chan and Nith were on a weapons salvage mission. The simplest one, albeit a tricky one, since they were embarking when daylight was almost over. They were at their old dorm, to pick up a crate containing explosives. They didn't have time during the 'evacuation', fighting off their friends who had just gotten infected. The whole dorm was a mess when they left, body parts flailing and blood squirting out of the bites their beloved friends left. They had no choice but to leave the weapons and all other supplies behind. Just send another crew on an errand mission to get it for them, right? Ironically, the command chose them to clean up their own mess. "Quick getaway, alright? No messing around. Just waltz in there, collect the crate, sprint your ass back here. We'll be out of here in a minute." Bar was the driver, and in charge of the mission. "Yea, mission detail was very clear. Pick up the crate, shake hands with our pals waiting for us, deliver their 'present' to you" Nith retorted. "I don't like this place one bit." "Neither do we. Just make it quick." Chan was the peace keeper of the crew. Su and Nith reached the room that contained the explosives and began sifting through the mess to find usable ammunition. And there he was, Sam, sitting on his couch, right in front of Su, smoking one of the last cigars, grinning.
"Whoa, whoa, who do we have here? Hey Sam, how's it going?" Su remarked in surprise. Sam, whose only last shred of consciousness was aiming at Su's neck charged towards him in excitement. "Whoa, hold your horses boy. Down. Down." Su quietly said.

The Infected

So this is the deal with the infected. They have a brain, and that's pretty much it. It craves for more of that sweet mix of heaven left in the world. When you're being attacked by one, you can damage its body, but that does nothing; for their tenacity is plain stupid. They don't care if they're left limbless, or decapitated; the holy grail is holy enough to forgo any other physical pleasures. Now, in combat situations, DO NOT SHOOT THEM. JUST DON'T. They'll shout so loud your ears will bleed and their pals rush knowing there's fresh blood. You gotta understand that they don't want you. They're not vampires. They're more idiotic than that. They just kill you to prove a point. To turn you into one of them, so you can join their army in this fight for 'justice'. The best way to survive is to take those buggers down in a fist fight. The good ol' way. Remember that they're extremely weak until they're provoked too much.

Su punched Sam right in the face, then jabbed him with a stick. Sam grabbed the stick, and Su kicked him at the calf, knocking him down. "Pfffff" he yelled as he ran down the hallway. Nith knocked down 3 of the infected, leaving them extremely confused as to how easily they lost the fight. They got back in the car and sped off into the highway.

Better is worse

It was already night when the group got close to the new dorm. There was a campfire beside one of the watch towers on the path. The man guarding it waved for them to stop. Bar rolled down the window "What's the matter? Emergency?" "Umm..Yeah Kinda. Listen up, a convoy just passed me, almost everyone drunk." "Drunk? What are you saying?" Chan questioned. "I know. So this is the news. Politician Rob's son has passed away. This just broke out. You people look well educated, you know he was the main proponent of the experiment that went horribly wrong and caused this mess." "So they were out celebrating. Umm what's the concern?" Nith asked. "You guys know what happened the last time people were out 'celebrating'." the man replied. "Aight. We got the message. Thanks. And stay safe." Bar knew what was going to happen. Su banged his head against the dashboard, and gasped. "I don't wanna change dorms again." Bar calmed him down, and pointed to the front. They had reached the dorm's gate. But it was barely recognizable, sprawling with cheerful people crowding the road, screaming and laughing. Some were going out, some were going in, but all of them had booze in their hands, and were clearly drunk. "Aight, I think we all need to worry now. A replay of last year." Bar mumbled. "Jesus. Fuck! We need to evacuate. Get your things and let's rendezvous in 10 minutes. Go go go!" Chan said.

Su reached his floor, and it was in complete chaos and disarray. "Hey, Rob's son has died!" "That son of a bitch is deaaad!" "Oh yeahhh!" "Time for drinks!" "Hey Su, come on, where are you going? Join us, let's get drunk and play cards, huh?" Su ignored everyone and rushed to his room. Mags was in there, and he seemed to be in a rush as well. "Yo, heard the news?" Su asked. "Yeah, Rob's son is dead, right? Hahahaha. The infected got him. But hey, look man, I think I need to get some of the stuff, man." Mags seemed anxious. "Cocaaaiinaa?"Su asked, knowing the answer. "Yeah, man. The F2 variant. I know you've stashed it somewhere here. Please man, I wanna relax." Mags groaned. "But why the F2? Dude, that's a protected resource. I can't give that. Besides, I donno where I've stashed it." Su was uncomfortable. Mash got up and started searching the room without Su's consent. "Dude! Where is it? Aaaahh! Where is it, where is it, where is it?" Mags was getting cranky. Su knew something was wrong. He saw outside his room that Mags' shoes were dirty. He had been outside. God knew what happened. Su was almost done packing his stuff. Outside the dorm, somwhere Downtown, some people saw the death as an opportunity to start a riot. They took to the streets, breaking the windows of stores, plundering and hooting and getting drunk. Maybe, just maybe they were making too much of a sound. Maybe, one of them had some 'Cocaaiina' in their backpack. Maybe that gave off a scent a tad too strong, a tad too long.Maybe it looked like an invitation for the infected. Maybe these people weren't prepared for an attack.

Back at the dorm, Su was now done packing, and he set out to the door, and asked Mags to tag along. Mags was now acting hysterical, and denied to come with him, and demanded that Su give him some of that goodness. Su noticed a scar on Mags' neck when he turned around. Su, now scared, said "Hey, you're my brother. But if you don't wanna come with me, it's fine. I'm going, bye." Mags now growled like a dog; his face had gotten slightly disfigured; he quietly bolted the door and advanced towards Su.

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