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I made a short film

At last,i've made a movie.A real one.A movie that lasts 3 minutes.Tis called Counter Strike.The story is not any of those i mentioned in the previous posts.It's a short thriller-comedy movie.I think it came out well enough. The story's simple enough: Two guys get bored in a class with no professor,and come out of the class to roam.They later return to the corridor with imaginary guns,mimicking soldiers and their movements.After they reach the class room,one of them rushes in,and points the gun at the class,in a "Hand's up!" kinda style.He later realises that something is wrong by the actions of the students,and turns back,only to find the professor behind him.The other guy feels that something is wrong,so rushes into the classroom,and flourishes the imaginary gun at the classmates.The professor strikes him with a chalk and the guy finally realises that he'd been ambushed.We then see both the dudes being forced out of the room.While walking out,both of them get an idea.They take out imaginary grenades out of their bags,and after counting down to 3,throw it into the class room and run away merrily. This was supposed to be shown in a hilarious manner.I think i've been able to make it the way i imagined it. See, the most important thing for me is the music.Music's the soul of the movie.I got the idea for this movie when i was playing the song "I'm a man" by Black Strobes. Okay,now i've got more plans,more of basic ideas rather than fully developed scripts. The first one's about a dream that a person has,and how the same dream occurs to another person of interest.Another one's about showing an incident in different perspectives,and the prologue and epilogue for each perspective.This would be a thriller. Now,the big show! I'll definitely develop this one into a movie.The concept is intriguing. It's about three(there's actually a fourth) psychopath buddies,and how intelligent they are in executing their actions.The basic idea is to show how a person would react if suddenly someone tries to attack them,and swears at them and gets ready to beat them up for no reason that they know of. I'm thinking of the title "Happy birthday!" and also "Prank the pranksters after the pranksters prank you" or just the shorter form : "Pr da pr af ta da pr pr yu". It'd also be a thriller.I'm thinking of a more serious tone for this one. I'm also thinking of a first person perspective for the fourth prankster until the end,and reveal his face at the end,where he'd play a bigger prank.I'll think more about this blog after i make this one into a movie mostly.Or maybe earlier!Who the fuck knows? Cheers .

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