Square Zero

Spy game - Mercs

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Cog in the wheel

We're a bunch of mercs, hitmen, assassins, whatever you wanna call it. We're hired for very specific tasks that tip the scales toward our clientele. Ever since the last war, the puppet masters figured out it was best to lay in the shadows and pull the strings from the shadows. Lately, I've been rolling with Nik and Mag. It's been a couple of years, and we're tight or whatever.

Right now, the client wants us to silence a high value target without any noise. Nothing too heavy; we need to infiltrate a giant party, find the right moment our guy slips into his room, and take him out. We sneak into a giant complex where the party is being hosted. This is an expensive and swanky party. Every VIP from the colony is here. That's actually great, because our target isn't who the eye balls are on. The HVT is already in his room. Great. Not so great, there's cctvs everywhere. We don balaclavas as we sneak into his floor. The cctv guys have been taken care of, so that got us some time. We barge into his suite, tell him what was to be said, and take care of the matter. Great view from his suite, I admired out loud before taking the shot. However, as soon as we exit his room the alarms ring. Someone got into the cctv room. Or have we been setup? We make a dash in different directions. I get to the emergency stairs, get near the basement exit and see a homeless guy smoking crack near a dumpster fire. I hear footsteps and hide next to the elevator. I see 10-15 swat guys getting out of the elevator and proceeding through the same stairs upwards. How is the swat already here? I know I've worn the balaclava near cameras, so my outfit is the only giveaway. I barter clothes for some money with the hobo and chuck my clothes in his trash. I get out into the compound and blend with the guests. Mag and nik made it out too. Sweet! Close call. . . . We're in the usa. We just got into the house of the guy giving us our next assignment. He's a complete creep. Has a family, but is 'housing' a few more ladies right in the next house. The whole building is his. We're staying there till the time is right to begin his assignment. Guy is fkin weird. Maybe this guy has some dirt on some big wig; no way he has the currency to sponsor this escapade otherwise. "Pretty sure he'll blow up soon" I mutter. "I concur" Nik concurs. . . . We're made. Nik and Mag are awol. The creepy guy has his cover, and head blown. I creep around the neighborhood as swat is sweeping the area. I hold off until midnight in a ditch; I see a stealth chopper arriving. I dive into a lake and they rope me in. The moon shines bright as I quickly change into a soldiers outfit as they debrief me that this mission was a bust. I'm actually on my way to Mexico. We follow a river along the jungle. I'm rappelled out into a group of 10 soldiers who are about to attack an outpost. They've been briefed to expect a specialist joining them but he's been taken care of, and I've taken his place. I speak their language and they've no idea who I really am. We're making our way to the outpost as I switch my night vision on. My Misson is to take care of another HVT who's visiting the outpost. "Serendipity" was the word the pilot used. I'm gonna take his possessions and live in his mansion till I get the brief on the next mission.

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