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Me and my school

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A personal Memoir

This is my personal memoir on "Me and my school".

I still distinctly remember the first day of my seventh class.That was the first day after i changed schools.I had joined Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.All i had heard about the school was that it was the quintessential school with all the good things.So naturally,my expectations were incredibly high.I was really nervous and honestly.a bit scared too.My former school had made English speaking a mandatory task.So i thought that would be the case with this school as well.I entered the campus about half an hour early and was awe struck by the sheer size of the campus.The school had really huge play grounds and huge corridors as well.So i sat in the class early and was preparing for the first class according to the time table.A while later,a student entered the class room,noticed me and sat by my side.He was very warm and took me through the entire 'how things work' stuff at school.The first thing that struck me was that he wasn't speaking English.And then,when other students entered the class room ,he just started swearing at the others for no reason at all,and the other guys reciprocated as well.I was literally terrified as i was so naive back then.So,that is how my time in my school began.I definitely felt that it was an absolute mismatch.I was among the toppers of the class in every exam and all i did was study.That was how it was done till my sixth,in my old school,where we were pressurized a lot to gain good marks.I was so shy and hesitant even to talk to girls! But here,things were really different.My peers didn't seem to worry too much about marks or the exams itself.I was initially dismissive of them,thinking that they were not going to prosper well in life.That being said,i have already said that i was naive.Then,things gradually began to change.Some events from school still remain fresh in my mind and probably will be for the rest of my life.Like,me crying in the class and complaining to the teacher that a guy hit me with a ruler.The mysterious person who left really horrible letters in my name and hid them in the assignment books that were being submitted to the teacher.The pyschopaths and bullies who were constantly involved in feuds and washroom brawls.Times when i sprained or fractured my arms more than twice a year.The time i first met my best friend for life.The time i had my first crush.By then,i had completed my eighth class.I had cried through most of the events.I had many revelations and started gaining maturity. By ninth, i was part of a cult in the class.According to me,that was one of the best times of my life.The time of self-discovery.I started rationalising and questioned everything.Religion,god,customs.Everything.Things began to make sense.I had started playing sports and games and had become active,thanks to my best friend and the cult.I had a reputation and made a name for myself in the school.But still,something was not right.I still felt a little mismatched in my school.

Tenth class is when the students of other schools were busy preparing for the end exams right from the start and schools had hectic schedules.But not our school.Everything was normal.Calm.Peaceful.The same old way.That's when i started realizing the importance of good schooling.Our school had the best faculty ever and state of the art infrastructure.We had classes in art,music,dance.electrical gadgets,games and sports,events,functions,guest lectures and many more.I began to feel that i was at the right place after all.You had absolute control over yourself.Nothing was being imposed.Nobody was being forced.Then,i reluctantly became the 'Head Boy' of the school,having no idea about my role.Then came Teachers' Day,where the students were supposed to be the teachers for one day and teach the younger students.Obviously,i had to be the principal.And,everything went horribly wrong that day.Nothing went according to the plan and it was a disaster.In such a situation,my older self would have wept and felt bad about it for a long time.But i had changed.Now i took the matter in a lighter way and we all laughed it off.I took the positives from the event and planned better for the future.And i was not the topper in my board exams,and i did not care.I still had a braggable grade,and i felt content with what i scored.I had become more sociable,active and mature in many aspects. My schooling days taught me numerous things which made me what i am today,etching countless memories which will never fade. Peace out.

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