Square Zero

Letter to Alice

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My heart craves you and my mind too I'll live through the days of solitude thinking about you A picture of you is all it takes to go back in time All the fun and games we had! All the plays and wicked teases Time flew by but we stayed in bed Looking into each others' eyes and more Your warm embrace and your happy face Always stopping to catch me lost in the moment We zipped through miles and highways, never getting bored It does not matter how far you are, my mind is with you A whiff of my shirt you wore makes me miss you My head goes gaga when I think about you

I'll make a few promises to remember you by. I will always be happy and full of life. I will love life, and I will live free. I promise to work hard towards what keeps me excited. I will always live in the moment, and take it all in. I'll always stay weird and crazy. I promise to always keep it new and different. I will always stretch the horizons and break boundaries. I promise to keep my mind racing and my heart stoked. I will aspire to live like you But most of all i promise to keep you in my thoughts and always miss you

I hope your soul continues to teem with life and joy And you continue driving me to awe

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