Square Zero

Impending Anarchy

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It's a normal night. We're having fun. The gang and I have zoned out in our balcony. It's very late into the night, and everything is alright. Except for the news that broke out a few hours ago about how "the state has collapsed. We are taking over. Decades of mediocrity are over. Enough being fools. It's time for you to take control of it yourself. Together, we will re-orient ourselves to serve the grand purpose. Join us, or you will be executed." spoke a mad man in a mask after hacking into every piece of tech we all owned. We laughed it off; there was an important party to be had, and this fascinating stunt could be discussed and scoffed at tomorrow. The power went off a couple of hours ago; it usually comes back in 15. Weird. We're singing songs and chatting pop culture when the door bell of a house across the street rings for 50 times without a break. 'Someone can't hold their pee, jeez' we crack a joke, but we are spooked. The door bell stops ringing. 'They must've had a generator. This guy must be testing it, bloody drunk' we laugh hysterically to eclipse the fact that we're all spooked. Far far away, someone starts banging their drums really loud. It's past 3am, what is that noise? It starts sounding more and more like a war drum. It's periodic, it's intentional, it's vehement and it's incessant. It goes on for a while as we wonder how the person hasn't been shouted down or stopped otherwise by their neighbors. We hear two people in our street argue now. They have been doing it for at least the past hour, but now it's loud and dirty. People are getting impatient. Law seems to have been forgotten, and chaos seems to have taken over instead. We hear the siren of a fire truck close by, and the sound of it crashing into a house. We're not laughing anymore.

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