Square Zero


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A higher calling

A weird feeling

I feel unsettled by a strange feeling as I’m walking back to the dorm with Dream by my side. It’s a surreal night; the events that transpire next are stranger than reality. It’s a chilly night as we wade through the maze that are the windy narrow dark streets of Mazhu. We’re still gawking at the stars and the Milky Way. Finally, we reach some sort of area where there’s at least a street light and some people. We stop at a store to buy some smokes.

The fight

The shop keeper is a rude fellow, and I’m typically the kinda person that runs away at the first sign of trouble. But something has changed in me now. I retort back with snarky remarks at his every aspersion and he gets mad. There are people above the pan shop, and they all start getting belligerent. Dream says “Let’s just leave”, and I obey. But the unlucky guy curses me in their local language causing all the locals to laugh, and I lose it. I respond with a slur so personal and cruel that shocks me too. Every single person in the area is stunned by what I say, and they start picking up whatever they have to hit me. I grab him by his collar, pack all my punch in my right fist and strike him. I’ve never done this before, but damn it, it feels good. He collapses to the ground. A knock-out. Bricks and sticks start following us as I punch more people and start running. I find Dream a safe place and start running frantically. The whole fuckin’ town is after me.


There’s chaos everywhere on the streets, as I enter a house that feels strangely familiar. I know I have to search for the vessel that contains it. What it is, I do not know. I hear the restive mob, and a lot of clattering but I’m frozen as I feel a female presence following me. I am scared to death. ‘Holy cow, have they resorted to black magic to find me?’ I ponder for a moment, but I quickly regain momentum. I find a vessel in that kitchen, and dash towards the back door. I hear angry screams and howls from the entire village, but I feel like run out of the town finally.


There’s a really big bungalow that looks weirdly out of place, but my intuition is to get in. I do that, and I’m greeted by a scared maid, a child and a woman who looks like the lady of the place. I greet them with a hesitant smile, and I’m surprised to see the child greet me back with a grin. He says hi to someone else behind me. I ask him if he can see her, and he waves at her. Maybe she was protecting me after all. All my fears vanish as I walk indoors, and the kid points to a wall in the house, and asks me if I see that too. The mom is confused; so is the maid. But I see a sketch on the wall. There are a bunch of outlines of people in the middle of what looks like a meditation. I just feel it right to sit there and get in the pose.


It comes naturally to me, what I do next. I start humming a tune I have never heard before in my life. I’m chanting some mantra. There’s no more worldly affairs that need immediate attention, and I’m already in the zone. Some 20 people rush into the house; they look like members of some cult, all their heads shaved, and all their clothes of a brown color. They smile at me, and one face that looks very familiar points behind me. I take a look back, and I’m transported in time. I see him, and others like him, from the times that they first did their practice at this very same place do the thing I am doing. They are muscular, their faces are radiant, and oh, their heads are huge and they look like the humanoids from Prometheus. We’re all chanting now, and discover my true calling.

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