Square Zero


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The package


"So I'll have to do this mission alone I guess" "Yeah and we cannot fuck this up. This will be our defining moment. We can get places we have never even dreamed of if we do this right.", Nana says. I'd do this for Nana. I do anything for Nana. He saved my life. He picked me up from the street and give me a life. I get to experience all I do just because he decided to take a chance on me. I get out of his private space on the 4th floor and discuss the possible plans of action with almost everyone on the top floor. These are the guys on my level. I drop straight into the boat from there, and exit his fortress. Everyone important already owns, or is in the process of building their own floating fortresses. I get on my bike and ride as precariously as possible, on the streets of Goa. I know I might have to do this when the time comes.

The mission

There's a shipment of z coming in tomorrow. Not to u,s but we're going to get it anyway. "They're going to come after you for this" I say. "I don't care. Once we sell it off we will have enough money to annihilate his whole operation." "I believe in you, Nana. So how much is coming?" "It's three drops. It will be in a vial at the imperial hospital, top floor, to be given to the supreme minister. I trust the source. " "So I'll be snuck in as a VIP patient?" "Yeah, fake identity and the works. Getting in is easy. After that, it's all up to you." "How should I make sure that it's not traced back to you?" "It will be traced back to me. They will know it's you but get out by the time they do." "Got it , boss." "Take care son."

The hospital

Dora is running away from me, and I don't have the heart to stop her. I can see her tears hit the ground, but I'm helpless. I can see myself stone-faced but god damn. It feels like I'm being hit by a truck.

I wake up completely disoriented and groaning with pain, but I gain my wits pretty quick. It gets pretty gory in the top floo,r but I manage to get away with the vial. I am creeping through rooms on the third floor. Trying to find a key to the nearest exit latch. I change into a doctor's outfit and I stumble across this nurse with the most beautiful eyes. I make up some stories about myself and she's pretty impressed. I forgot about the mission for a couple of minutes, and soon the emergency broadcast starts broadcasting about the incident on the top floor. Not so clean after all. I am like a deer caught in the headlights, but the nurse offers me the keys to exit. Seems like I failed twice today already. I tell her how to contact me on the network and she smiles at me. Time to get the fuck out of here.

The getaway

I silence the guys manning the boat and get to land pretty quick. At this point I'm surrounded by the flying machines, the cars, and people on foot, all enraged by the theft more than the killing(s). This product is topshelf for sure, not a fake. As I reach land, my bike is parked where it is supposed to be parked. I hop on and zoom so fast that none of them can keep up. The few that do are in cars, but I was prepared for this all my life. I drift and slide and swerve and twist at every turn, and I'm unstoppable on the straights. The rain helped of course. I did crash a couple of times but I do not feel pain when I'm on a mission. But it feels like I've broken a couple of bones. That's it. I made it out. Nana is the happiest man on eart,h and I'm his talisman. I'm the happiest guy in the world , Nana is my god.

We all celebrating in quotes on the top floor, but Nana gets a call. I know what it means. It means it's war.

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