Square Zero

Deja Vu

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It's all happened already.

I feel like I've lived this moment a thousand times before. Exactly the same. The same scene in front of my eyes. The same music playing in my head. The ambience. The visceral feeling. Like I've been ushered back in time to do something differently. To observe what I didn't before. Maybe change someone's fate. 'Come on, change the perspective. React differently. Think. Now...'

But before I get back to my senses,I see that I've lost it. The fleeting Invincibility I felt is gone in a snap. But the impact of the revelation hasn't weathered away yet. I can still feel the adrenaline induced organs crying out loud in ecstasy. Begging me to act. But my mind's numb. Still in shock. I had one simple chance, and I ruined it. Change the timeline, huh? More like a Sphere. Deja vu,I guess. Time loops repeatedly till you do what you're destined to. Make the right choice. Push forward.

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