Square Zero

Bioinformatics Classes

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She asks an intelligent question 'Why won't it work with your method?' They're stumped. No clue in the world. They stand there, dumbstruck, like deers caught in headlights. Her smug face is swelling with pride. She has just posed an unanswerable question. No one saw this coming. Oh no, they weren't. Touche, miss. You got us. You got us cold. And we were thinking we were the gods, cleverly thinking we had everything under control, pretending to be listening to the presenters while watching football on our laptops and scribbling lyrics from a Black Keys song. The whole world has come crashing down on us. Some guy in one of the front benches is amused, and looks at the rest of the class, if some genius can crack her clever riddle. Fucking sycophant. Or he's genuinely awed at her wits. I remain stoic and nonchalant, trying to prevent this hot mess from seeping through my skin. What a tragedy. No one answers her question, and she doesn't either, leaving us blind. Same shit, different day. I look at my phone and notice that all this drama's nearing it's end, and rush through the rest of the lyrics. Not a bad job. No. Very bad. But it'll do. They wrap up their talk, and I thank heavens.

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