Square Zero

Artificial - Chapter 1

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Semper Fi.

Wired in. Fired up. Kill the mutiny. Protect the altar. We can't let anyone touch the precious heart of the planet. Our child, that we bore, and fed data into. The touchstone of civilization. We need to protect it. We're an elite squad decimating the decadent. We keep our heads up. The denizens are proud of us. We are too. The neutron engine we're building around the Sun that these scum want to destroy, we can't let them get to it either. Yeah, it's artificial. But it's an iteration of us. And we have total control over it. The talks to educate the masses worked...for the most part. The world now accepts z. z helps us run the government. z fights crime, z teaches, z edifies and enlightens us. Z entertains. z has solved the most complex problems of the world, and beyond. z eradicated poverty. z kept the regressive militant fucks in check. z does everything. You get the gist. We have never been happier, we have never been so prosperous. Wars have ended. People have never been saner. We're looking outwards, finally. We're at the cusp of something...Something, something seminal, something that might alter the course of life on the planet. This is the most exciting of times to be alive.

There is no scheme we're conniving. There is no ulterior motive. We are are all transparent. Fuck, even z's code is open for the web to read, for z's sake. Yeah, we messed up somewhere and begot a few rogue AIs on the way, but it won't bite us. I will take care of this. We just might get the nod of everyone else on Earth once this faction is taken care of. I'm the super soldier, and my mission is to stifle any pricks loitering about. We will neutralize any human help they receive. To a brave new world. Destiny awaits. The future is now. Semper Fi.

I take my headphones off, and continue staring at the bathroom mirror. I'm zoned in. Time to go.

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