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I was reading this blog today: https://ranprieur.com/essays/dropout.html, and have started catching up on many interesting people's blogs over the past few weeks. I have always loved reading blogs; it's personal and it's untainted. They're not selling you anything, and you're there for one reason. Dissemination of ideas is the only upshot. It's a beautiful connection that you form with the "core" driving the person. All without that person having to know you personally! Of course, it's just a convenient conduit for ideas to flow from one corporeal bag to another, to survive and reproduce. But I'll probably talk about the idea beings in another blog. All the reading (and the promise I made myself that I'd write more in the last blog) got me to thinking what I'd write about. I honestly have a very limited repertoire of ideas, and since my reading/writing habits have waned, even those are muddled inside my head, spare the self-help motivational bullshit I write to myself right here every single year. Yeah, there's about a dozen of those on this blog.

When I see George Hotz (https://geohot.github.io/blog/) writing about bigger and complex ideas and problems, I feel embarrassed honestly about how primitive and basic-bitch my patterns still are. When I see Karpathy (http://karpathy.github.io/) write about ai, I see a whole realm of toys I could play and experiment with, but have eschewed without blinking an eye. I need to continue building habits that keep my mind afloat, and ablaze. It's started already; I'm waaay more imaginative, active and inquisitive now than a month ago, and my mind is getting back there to the past grandeur. I'm actually quite surprised with how elastic the mind is. I just need to keep this up so I can get more and complex stuff to talk about. Writing is fun to me, sharing my thoughts is also fun to me, so why not do this! Work from home was the most pernicious enemy that I embraced and housed enthusiastically and nurtured into killing me softly.

But it's all good, I got it this time. Only one iteration has to work to make a change. This might just be it.

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